30 June 2023
Changes in the Specifications of SCP Complex-LS—Salmon Nasal Cartilage Extract as a Food Ingredient(Standard Values of Undenatured Type II and XI Collagen)(PDF)

20 November 2020
A new article about our product, SCP-II® was published in the Japanese Pharmacology & Therapeitics.

26 July 2019
LINISE obtained Kosher certification.


Linise Co., Ltd. is located in Hokkaido, Japan. We chose here because this land is the home not only to salmons, but also to us. Hokkaido is the largest food production area in Japan. Our mission is to promote the growth of local industries by discovering unused natural resources in Hokkaido. Being inspired by our ancestors’ dietary culture and animals’ eating behavior, we are pursuing unknown natural forces.


Linise Co., Ltd.
Head office: Hokudai Business Spring 309, Kita21-Nishi12-2, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 001 - 0021 Japan
Laboratory: Open Laboratory 308, Northern Campus Building No.3, Kita21-Nishi11, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 001 - 0021 Japan
Production Plant : 159-9, Asahihama, Oshamambe, Hokkaido, 049 - 3519 Japan
Business description: Production of food and cosmetic raw materials.
Main products: SCP-II, Proteoglycan-LS, Proteoglycan AQA-LS.


January 2011:
The company and own laboratory were established.
April 2011:
Preparation of a demonstration plant was started .
Participation in “Elucidation of action mechanism in wound healing by proteoglycan and evaluation of its utility in human” (the project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan); this was conducted in commission from the Foundation for Kushiro-Nemuro Industrial Technology Promotion Center.
June 2011:
The grant from Hokkaido Small and medium-sized enterprise Support Fund (initiating demonstration experiment) was gained.
Three patents for the production method of functional substances and its production apparatus were applied.
September 2011:
The marketing license for cosmetics (License number, 01COX10030) was obtained.
February 2012:
The operation of mass production plant began.
August 2012:
Capital increase with Sapporo Genki Challenge Fund.
July 2015:
Capital increase with North Pacific Bank Innovation Fund.
March 2017:
SCP Supplement (No. 08-0073) was approved by Hokkaido Food Functionality Labelling System.
February 2019:
The mass production plant obtained the GMP certificate.
June 2019:
Products obtained the KOSHER certificate.

Hokkaido Food Functionality Labelling System
(SCP Supplement, 08-0073)

Oshamambe Production Plant
( Authorization number : 27319 )